• THE LINE OF BEST FIT:  "Dia is something of a nostalgic enigma. Her musical background encompasses the broadest range of influences; from her childhood on a Hindu ashram to a career in opera singing. Elements of all of these factors are audible in her nostalgic, comfortingly familiar sound, coupled with her penchant for impeccably balanced songwriting."

  • THE JOY OF VIOLENT MOVEMENT: "a moody and lushly orchestral baroque pop-leaning sound in which Birrittella’s ethereal vocals are paired with a subtly droning melody consisting of electric guitar, ukulele, cello and swirling electronics."

  • POP MATTERS: "reminiscent of everything from Beach House, to Slowdive, to Julee Cruise."

  • WONDERLAND: "Dia’s command of instrumentation and lyrical delivery reveals a mature and well-rounded mind. Be prepared to revisit an old heartbreak and have fun doing so."

  • LA RECORD: “a torch song for the 21st century, where things that start simply reveal themselves to have layers upon lattices upon layers and more. Not many songs start with some understated ukulele and end up touching on opera, Italian folk songs, strings and/or Mellotron and a subtle heartbeat rhythm, but “Brokenhearted” makes its sound and its experience of heartbreak into its own pocket universe.”

  • LADYGUNN: "Her ethereal and dreamy sound... entrances you and takes you to an otherworldly place."

  • AUDIOFEMME: "airy, ethereal tracks that’ll transport you in space and time. She draws heavily on classical elements and gives them a unique experimental twist that’ll make your head spin.."

  • IMPOSE: "Trained for years in the operatic singing arts, Birrittella channels arias and odes. The poetries of the past and the attachments to the present (and reflections on the future) pour together in tones of ukulele strums, ambient atmospheres, and electronic baroque touches beam like projected rays of reflected sunlight on the collective surfaces of earth and elsewhere. The musical world of Dia finds the natural operettas that exist between the topography of land and the ever infinite skies and heavens of the unknown.

  • STICKS AND STONES: "Tiny Ocean has become my new ‘life is so fucking beautiful’ song."

  • GEORGIE MAGAZINE: "Dia's vocals deliver a delicacy that is emotionally tranquilizing with lyrics that pack heartfelt sincerity."


Diā is the project of composer and performer, Danielle Birrittella. Her debut EP, TINY OCEAN, was released with MANIMAL RECORDS and features songs produced by producer/drummer Joey Waronker (Beck, REM, Atoms for Peace) and Tim Carr (The Americans, HAIM). Raised on a Hindu ashram, she sang ceremonial ragas as a child, which led to training and performing as an opera singer throughout the U.S. and Europe. Along these travels, she began writing songs on a ukulele. Diā's lush baroque-pop sound incorporates etherial vocal textures with organic percussion, electric guitars, ukulele, tiple, cello, and drones. Her live performance of Covered In Light was featured on NPR's TINY DESK CONTEST.

A native of New England, and a graduate of New York University (BA) and California Institute of the Arts (MFA), she has lived and worked as an artist in New York, France, and Italy. Performances include: Disney Hall's REDCAT, The LAX Festival, The Chautauqua Institute, The Standard Hotel, The Ace Hotel, SoFar Sounds, The Bootleg Theatre, Automata Arts, La Music Lirica (Italy), La Main d'Or (France), and The Ludwig Foundation (Cuba). Upcoming work includes SONNETS TO ORPHEUS and MAGDALENE - a chamber opera in 13 movements scored by 13 female composers and set to the poet Marie Howe’s collection Magdalene.

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